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Kill rewards plugin

You need Permission node - atsOther To See Other People's Stats) (Added Command.4).
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If a player gets kills in one world these will not count in other worlds.It Would Be Great If You Could Report Bugs or Glitches In The Comments.Cannot retrieve the latest commit at this time.They work just as normal rewards, but with mobs that are specified in "mobs.Step 5: Use it and send feedback for future developments API (WIP) Events KMCashTransferProcessorEvent kmccommandExecutionEvent kmcitemDropEvent KMEarnMoneyDepositEvent KMEarnMoneyPickedUpEvent KMGlobalMultiplierChangeEvent KMLimitReachedEvent KMLoseMoneyCashTransferEvent KMLoseMoneyEvent KMMoneyItemDropEvent KMMoneyProcessorEvent KMSendActionBarMessageEvent KMSendMessageEvent.Once "CommandOnKillEnabled: true" Then You Can Set The "CommandOnKill and "CommandOnKill2" To Whatever You Like.Public API, commands /km help /km info /km limit /km multiplier set, get, reset /km reload, permissions, permission, description min.Version.4 for Minecraft.8, this Is a Simple Plugin That Uses Essentials and Vault To Pay Players When mexican fiesta gifts They Kill Other Players.Yml in the plugins/McKillRewards folder.Boolean To Give Items When A Player Kills Another Player.
Boolean To Give Commands When A Player Kills Another Player (Completed.2).
Different reward types have additional information like the items if it is an item reward.See Other Player Stats (Completed.4).Permissions Nodes - min (Allows You To /SetMoneyReward, /SetMoneyRewardVIP, and /SetMoneyRewardMVP) - load (Allows You To /KRReload To Reload The Config File) - P (Give This Permission Node To One Of The Ranks In You Permission Editor To Give A Different Amount Of Money).Configurable Messages, configurable Money Amounts, player Stats, different Amounts of Money With Set Permission Nodes.Mob rewards are saved in "mobrewards.Step 4: Customise config.Money limit multiplier, installing Step 0: If you have either KillerMoney.x,.x.x installed, delete it with all files and configurations.KillerMessage Is The Message Sent To The Killer Once They Kill Someone.It will automatically create a default configuration which you can edit to your needs.

Once It Is Set To True, You Can Set MoneyTakenAway To Whatever Number You Would Like.
Running a command of your choice when an entity die.