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How can you win popular vote but lose electoral college

73 Liberal August 18, 2015: Calgary Nose Hill candidate Ala Buzreba stepped down as candidate after offensive Twitter tweets from several years earlier were uncovered, including "Go blow your brains out you waste of sperm" and "Your mother should have used that coat hanger.".
Retrieved December 11, 2008.
78 September 30, 2015: Victoria candidate Cheryl Thomas resigned after past social media posts came to light, including referring to mosques as "brainwashing stations" and saying "the oppressed of the Warsaw ghettos and the concentration camps have become the oppressors." As the candidate deadline (September.
A b "Legislative status report".A b c "Bill Status of HB1685".75 Rhode Island entered the compact on July 12, 2013, with Governor Lincoln Chafee 's signature.The Constitution does not mandate any particular legislative scheme for selecting electors, and instead vests state legislatures with the exclusive power to choose how to allocate its own electors.It was the second largest number of seats won in a federal election for the Liberals, the best being 191 in 1949.The New York Times.Current Electoral College rules encourage candidates to focus disproportionately on a limited set of swing states (and in the case of Maine and Nebraska, swing districts as small changes in the popular vote in those areas produce large changes in the electoral college vote.
69 70 September 22, 2015: Hamilton WestAncasterDundas candidate Alex Johnstone apologized for Facebook comments from seven years prior, where she commented on photos of the Auschwitz concentration camp with "Ahhh, the infamous Pollish sic, phallic, hydro posts." She claimed to not know that the picture.Current Electoral College rules tend to decrease voter turnout in states without close races.Retrieved 21 September 2015.1 (1892) "RI joins national popular vote electoral compact".Brody has put forth a unique theory that the legality of the npvic could potentially hinge on the notion that faithless electors are not necessarily obligated affordable baby girl gifts to vote for the candidate to whom they are pledged.Proponents of this position le creuset gift card include law professor Jamie Raskin (now.S.Archived from the original on January 10, 2008.21 Some of the major points of debate are detailed below: Campaign focus edit Advertising and visits by major-party candidates during final stretch of 2004 presidential campaign (Sept.In the next presidential election after adoption by the requisite number of states, the participating states would award all of their electoral votes to presidential electors associated with the candidate with the largest national popular vote total in the 50 states and the District.Retrieved January 23, 2009.

Until the compact's conditions are met, all states award electoral votes in their current manner.