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Hornady 300 win mag dies

hornady 300 win mag dies

Best extended range terminal performance available.
Available as component bullets or in factory loaded Precision Hunter ammunition.
Stackable and clearly labeled, they offer an organized and clean approach la senza discount code 2014 to storing your dies.Elliptical Expander Superior to "ball expanders this Hornady exclusive provides extremely smooth neck sizing and significantly reduces friction and case neck stretch.Titanium Coated Sizing Ring, the titanium coated sizing ring (gold ring) eliminates case sticking and requires no lubrication.Hornady Metallic Reloading, Custom Grade Rifle Dies what is the 2 year anniversary gift - 223 Rem (.224 Series I, 2-Die Set, Full Length, Use Shellholder #16.With high velocity, 0-400 yard impact, the bullet continually expands throughout its penetration path.Hornady Metallic Reloading, Custom Grade Dies - 338 Lapua (.338 Series III, 2-Die Set, Full Length, Use Shellholder #43.Hornady Metallic Reloading, Custom Grade Dies - 338 Win Mag (.338 Series I, 2-Die Set, Full Length, Use Shellholder #5.Test Barrel (24 muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards, velocity (FPS energy (ft/lb).
Zip Spindle Design on all full length size dies positively locks to eliminate slippage.
Upon low velocity, 400 yard impacts, the Heat Shield tip drives backward into the bullet to initiate expansion.
Display 6122496 per page, hornady Metallic Reloading, Custom Grade Dies - 10mm/40 S W (.400 Series II, 3-Die Set.Built-in Crimper - The built-in crimper longhorn aaa discount gives you the option of crimping without the need for an extra crimp die thus saving a station on your press.Easy Access Die Boxes - Every Hornady die set comes in a convenient box that is compartmentalized for dies, bushings, shell holders and a taper crimp die.Devastating conventional range performance.Retainer Ring - Locking retainer spring removes in seconds for easy disassembly and cleaning of the die.