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Gift exchange scam

I am a newcomer to Swagbucks this year, but I have found quite a bit to like and have already made 10 in Amazon vouchers.
Hi and welcome to Economies of Kale If you like what you see you can subscribe to my email alerts over on the righthand side to make sure you never miss a post: Because Ive been living on a small income for a while now.
But if youre looking for an extra 10 of pocket money each month, read on: Pureprofile.
Pureprofile is open to anyone worldwide, and I really recommend it!This is another site that I only started using recently and have liked so far.You can then redeem these points for vouchers from a number of different stores like Kmart, Target, Myer or JBHifi.They fortnite battle royale 1st place reward also send you emails, which give you 10 points to click through to a site.Over the past ten years, I have signed up for a bunch of survey websites in the hopes of making some money.If youre looking for ways to get rich quick, these sites are not the way to.On this site you earn points for doing surveys, which you can then exchange for cash (3300 points for 30 or 10100 points for 100).Basically you can earn Swagbucks (points) by doing web searches, answering surveys or referring other people.Each survey gives you between 100 and 500 points, and if you dont qualify for the survey, you are given two entries into their competition to win 10000 (although after 10 years I still havent won yet!).
Again, if you join up through the link above I will receive one extra competition entry and entry is open to all Australian residents.If you decide to sign up for RewardsCentral, the link above is an affiliate link, which means I get one extra competition entry if you sign up through.Once you have made 25, you can request a direct deposit to your bank account, which usually takes 2-3 weeks.You can also earn 10c from clicking through to a website or watching a video.Its similar to the other survey sites in that you complete surveys for points (between 15 and 50 per survey).Similarly, if you dont qualify for a survey you earn entries in their 500 cash competition.The Swagbucks can then be exchanged for.Some of the sites are worldwide and some are only for Australian residents.

I usually make around 7-50 Swagbucks a day from searches and more from doing e best part about Swagbucks is their referral program.
This is my favourite survey website and the one I make the most money from (10-15 a month).