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Fortnite battle royale 1st place reward

Weekly Challenges, weekly Challenges, week 1 Challenges (Click to see all challenges pickup a gifts for mom under 30 dollars Legendary Item in different matches 0/3.
It takes the basic premise of pubg and throws it into the vibrantly-colored cartoon world of Fortnite.
Developer Epic Games just announced Solo Showdown, a limited time mode live in the game right now.
Fortnite Battle Royale as released a limited-time game mode called Solo Showdown.Here's how much you get for each place: scoring in Fortnite Solo ShowdownCredit: Epic Games.Released yesterday (May 17 Solo Showdown is a competitive free-for-all event lasting until May 21 that will rank the top players from 1st place to 100th.This includes V-Bucks, the in-game currency that is normally acquired through spending real money.That makes this, fortnite's first competitive mode, even if it works a little differently than ranked play in other games.That top place is worth somewhere in the vicinity of 500, so it's not exactly chump change: I think it would be better to award a one-off skin, though.For a one-off payment, players can take part in a season of daily challenges, earning XP to not only increase their level but earn tangible rewards, too.What I'm most interested in is how the scoring system will affect play.Solo Showdown, and its not for the casual player.Fortnite Battle Royale does have rewards, although, at the moment theyre a little scarce.
Escher-style building wars in the final circles.All players can now earn XP by completing Daily Challenges, working towards raising their level and earning customization options for their Banner.According to Epic Games announcement, top performers will be rewarded at the conclusion of this competition with free V-Bucks, the internal currency of Fortnite.The top prize is 50,000 V-Bucks, which is worth around 500.That means we might see more conservative play from talented competitors hoping to up their placement - not camping, per se, but maybe not landing in Tilted and gunning for everyone in sight.It also might have the side-effect of taking strong players out of standard play, which I'm all for.Theres also a premium system called the Battle Pass, which adds a deeper progression my nintendo points rewards system on top of the Locker and Stats.How many V-Bucks can you win by ranking in Solo Showdown?

If you win a match, your character will then use an umbrella to descend from the Battle Bus in future matches, rather than the typical glider.
This is a scored mode designed as a proving ground for the best players in the game, and as such, it comes with massive V-Buck rewards for those that come out on top.